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HBR002 Optimum Light Year/DS10 12"

Image of HBR002 Optimum Light Year/DS10 12"




A. Optimum - Light Year
AA. Optimum - DS-10

Hum + Buzz return with their first release of 2011 from label co-founder Optimum. After releasing his debut EP 'Max Power' for Planet Mu in 2010, contributing to the excellent Night Slugs Allstars Vol. 1 and Modeselektion Vol. 1 compilations, Optimum returns on Hum + Buzz with two sci-fi, dancefloor tracks. ‘Light Year’ is a 4X4 time travelling excursion through brass rhythms, dotted arpeggios and razor sharp percussion. Gangsta techno meets UK bass, a crossover that Optimum seems to be making his own. On the AA side ‘DS10’, named after (and partly made on) the Korg software for the Nintendo DS, is a menacing march that progresses into the unknown. All superfluous elements are discarded; the track focuses squarely on the relentless bassline and unpredictable 808 drum pattern. With these minimal ingredients combined, DS10 is a certified sound system bomb!

HBR002 Preview by Hum + Buzz

A selection of quotes:

"DS10 is the perfect example of why Optimum is a name to watch for 2011. Defying genres, styles, and trends - DS10 is a powerful follow up with a twist to last year's Planet Mu & Night Slugs releases" - XLR8R

"Ahhh DS10 is the one, nasty" - Hudson Mohawke

"It's great especially side 2!" - Martyn

"These are f***ing awesome" - Jubilee

"Feeling light year, very unique production" - Brackles

"DS10 is rude!!!" - Oneman

"I'm into Light Year! Good stuff" - Cosmin TRG

"DS10 is a beast!! I’m all over this one…drums are wicked. Its mad. Really really excited to play this" - Martelo

"BANGING love Light Year!!!!" - Bok Bok

"DS10 is rad! Can't wait to play this one out! Legend of Zelda-fied minimal microdot acid-rain rave!!" - Star Eyes

"Optimum is running it at the moment. 'Light Year' is just unbelievable. I can't wait to play this one out!" - Magik Mountain

"DS10 is huge man, bigups!!!" - Canblaster

"DS10 is haaaard, thanks" - Deadboy